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Karts so children enjoy driving at a very young age.These dual wheel vehicles, handled by the adult and the tilting steering wheel for the child, are designed so children can also enjoy the circuit and speed, taking curves at the same time as their parents or escorts.They allow circular an adult accompanying a child up to 5 years

Price: €10


Contact Information

Winter Schedule De 10:30 h. a 19:00 h.

Summer Schedule De 10:30 h. a 00:00 h.

Phone: 868 10 45 50

Mbile 625 555 111

Email: info@gokartsmarmenor.com

Street address Ctra. Stgo. de la Ribera - Aeropuerto (Junto Disc. Maná) 30720,

Stgo. de la Ribera (San Javier) Murcia (Spain)

Weather in San Javier


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