Go-karts Mar Meno
r opened its doors in July 1998, with a path inical of 400 metres.The circuitry had 7 curves, 5 of them right and left 2.The first Karts who toured this circuit, were models of 2 times, with 80 cm3.

After seeing the success that immediately had, incorporated new models of higher power, with 4-stroke engines, with displacements of 200 and 300 cm3, increasing this way, categories that could be requested by the clients on the basis of proven experience and worth.
Go Karts sea smaller, has also participated in various competitions "inter-tracks", featuring a team of more than 30 pilots with their own go-karts of 400 cm3.The various races have been carrying out in circuits such as: Bullas, La Cala (Benidorm), Karting Alacant in Villa directness, Karting Oliva (Valencia), etc.

Also he has participated in various competitions with urban routes such as los Roldán, La Puebla de Cartagena and company (Albacete), among others.

But time passes, these are new times, and the path starts to become obsolete, especially by the strong demand of customers, who increasingly want more sensations and challenges.In 2003, Go-Karts sea smaller, starts a new project of enlargement of the layout as well as its facilities and services, finally starting the works of this in February 2008.

With the new circuit already finished in 2009, private pilots have changing rooms and showers, as well as a spacious accommodation of Karts.

In this same year, the motoring Federation of the Region of Murcia, held a test of karting in the new regional championship, being the new route to the liking of all participants and spectators who gathered there.
Today the circuit Go - Karts Mar Menor, follows promptly welcoming a regional championship karting test.


Contact Information

Winter Schedule De 10:30 h. a 19:00 h.

Summer Schedule De 10:30 h. a 00:00 h.

Phone: 868 10 45 50

Mbile 625 555 111

Email: info@gokartsmarmenor.com

Street address Ctra. Stgo. de la Ribera - Aeropuerto (Junto Disc. Maná) 30720,

Stgo. de la Ribera (San Javier) Murcia (Spain)

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