In go-karts sea less want you to feel as comfortable as possible therefore have a restaurant service where you can refresh yourself after having assembled in karts, a drink viewing pilots running in track or take a refreshing beers while comentáis races.But if you've downloaded the Kart and it entered hunger we have all sorts of hot or cold sandwiches, hamburgers, snacks and meals to regain strength.


Contact Information

Winter Schedule De 10:30 h. a 19:00 h.

Summer Schedule De 10:30 h. a 00:00 h.

Phone: 868 10 45 50

Mbile 625 555 111


Street address Ctra. Stgo. de la Ribera - Aeropuerto (Junto Disc. Maná) 30720,

Stgo. de la Ribera (San Javier) Murcia (Spain)

Weather in San Javier


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