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Go Karts sea minor Team Building is dedicated to events for companies that want to foster relationships among employees, fun is assured since racing karts are very exciting, attractive and you evade the stress caused by long hours of work, meetings, making create an excellent environment group with your coworkers.

Within the careers of groups, remember that they are ideal for companies, stag parties, meetups of friends and clubs.


Contact Information

Winter Schedule De 10:30 h. a 19:00 h.

Summer Schedule De 10:30 h. a 00:00 h.

Phone: 868 10 45 50

Mbile 625 555 111

Email: info@gokartsmarmenor.com

Street address Ctra. Stgo. de la Ribera - Aeropuerto (Junto Disc. Maná) 30720,

Stgo. de la Ribera (San Javier) Murcia (Spain)

Weather in San Javier


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